1. What are Cookies?

A cookie is a text file that a web server can save to your computer’s hard drive to store some information about you as a user. Cookies are used for various purposes such as storing data for future visits, to recognise the user and avoid requesting authentication again, to know which pages you visit, or to save your preferences in customisable areas…). Websites typically use cookies to get statistical information about their websites, and to analyse the behaviour of their customers/users.

Cookies used for any of the following purposes are exempt from compliance with the obligations set out in Article 22.2 of the LSSI:

  • Allow only communication between the user’s computer and the network.
  • Strictly provide a service expressly requested by the user.
  • Thus, among the cookies excepted would be those that have the purpose:
  • “User input” Cookies.
  • Authentication or user ID (session only) Cookies.
  • User security Cookies
  • Media player session Cookies.
  • Session to balance the weight Cookies.
  • User interface customization Cookies.
  • Certain plug-in cookies to exchange social content

The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below

2. Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified according to the following criteria:

Depending on who installs the cookie, these may be:

Own cookies: These are those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: These are those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment either from a computer or domain managed by us or by a third party, but the information collected by the cookies is managed by a third party other than the owner of the website.

Depending on their retention period cookies can be:

Session cookies: These are cookies that last as long as the user is browsing the website and are deleted when the navigation ends.

Persistent cookies: They are stored in the user’s terminal, for a longer time, thus facilitating the control of the preferences chosen without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.

Depending on their end-purpose cookies may be:

Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of a website and the use of the various options and services it offers. For example, session maintenance, those that allow you to use security elements, share content with social networks, etc.

Personalization cookies: They allow the user to choose or customise features of the website such as language, region or type of browser.

Analytical cookies: These are those used by web portals, to develop browsing profiles and to be able to know the preferences of users in order to improve the offer of products and services. They allow to control geographical areas of greatest interest of a user, the information of the website of more acceptance, etc.

Advertising cookies / publicity: are those that store information about the behaviour of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows to develop a specific profile to show advertising based on it.

3. Cookies used on our website

thismedical.com uses the following types of cookies on the web:

Technical cookies

They allow the user to browse the web and use functionalities such as the shopping cart.

Personalization cookies

They allow to know the user’s preferences: language, products visited.

Analysis cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to quantify the number of users who visit the Website. These cookies allow the measurement and analysis of how users browse the Web. This information allows TENERIFE HEALTH INTERNATIONAL SERVICES, S.L. to, continuously improve its services and the experience of web users. For more information, you can check the Google Analytics privacy page: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage.

Cookies installed on our web domain:

Cookie name 




When is it installed? 

Cookie de sesión 




When you access the website 




20 days 

When you access the website 


Cookie required for language selection 


1 day 

When you access the website 



Cookies necessary to determine if the user has read and accepted the cookie policies



When you access the website 






Cookies necessary to know the products visited by the user and those added to the shopping cart


Session and up to 2 days 

When you access the website 


GOOGLE ANALYTICS Analytic Cookie used to distinguish users



2 years 

When you access the website 


GOOGLE analytics cookie used to know which links of the page have been visited on the web


1 minute 

When you access the website 


GOOGLE ANALYTICS Analytic Cookie used to distinguish users



24 hours 

When you access the website 



GOOGLE ANALYTICS Analytic Cookie used to limit the percentage of requests



1 minute 

When you access the website 


This website, like most websites, includes functionalities provided by third parties.

Our website is a live website and may include new designs or third-party services. This may change the cookie settings from time to time and cookies that are not detailed in this policy.

The third-party cookies used on our website installed by third-party domains are as follows:



When is it installed



More information



When browsing the web

Map service provided by Google. Google Maps cookies record the user’s origin and allow counting how many times a user visits the site. They are technical and personalization cookies.

Depends on Google’s policies

Cliick here 






When browsing the web

Cookies stored on the user’s computer in order to stay connected to their Google account when visiting their services again. As long as you remain with this active session and use add-ons on other websites such as ours, Google will use these cookies to improve your user experience. The purposes of cookies are varied: preference management, analysis of user behaviour, security, identification of users…

Duration depends on the cookie installed: From 10 minutes to 20 years

Las cookies de Google escapan a nuestro control. Para consultar la política de cookies de Google Click here 







The cookie is sent to the browser after any action, click views or other activity on the web

Cookies used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.

From 72 hours to 623 days

Click here  



When you browse the web and use the social plug-in

Social network plug-in that allows the user to share content on Facebook

Depends on the social network

Click here  


Our site does not control the cookies used by these third parties. For more information about cookies from social networks or other third-party websites, we recommend reviewing their own cookie policies.

4. Information and obtaining consent for the installation 

thismedical.com will always endeavour to establish mechanisms to get the Consent of the User for the installation of cookies that require it. When a user accesses our website, a pop-up appears informing of the existing cookies and if you continue browsing our website, you consent to the installation of cookies.  

5. How can I prevent the installation of cookies? 

The user can configure his browser to accept, or not accept, the cookies he receives or for the browser to notify him when a server wants to save a cookie. Disabling some technical cookies does not guarantee the proper functioning of some web utilities.

The user may exclude the storage on his/her terminal of “analytical and advertising” cookies of Google Analytics through the opt-out systems provided by Google Analytics.

Here are some examples of how to disable cookies:

a) By configuring the browser, itself: 

To expand this information, go to the page of the Spanish Data Protection Agency that helps to configure privacy in social networks, browsers and mobile operating systems. Learn more  

b) Using third-party tools: 

There are third-party tools, available online that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation, for example: 



The user can allow or block cookies, and delete their browsing data (including cookies) from the browser you use. Check the options and instructions offered by your browser for this. Please note that if you accept third-party cookies, you must delete them from your browser options 

6. Links to other websites 

If you leave our website through links to other websites not belonging to our entity, we will not be responsible for the privacy policies of such websites or for the cookies that they may store on the user’s computer. 

7. How do we collect and use IP addresses? 

Web servers will be able to, automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by users. 

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. This information allows the subsequent processing of the data to know if you have given your consent for the installation of cookies, to make only statistical measurements that allow knowing the number of visits made to the Web, the order of visits, the access point, etc. 

8. International Data Transfer 

The cookies installed on our web domain are installed on our server, so the data collected on them are not subject to international data transfers. 

Third-party cookies installed on our website by third-party domains may be subject to international data transfer. To learn more about the possible international transfers of data that these cookies may entail we recommend you to click on the ‘more information‘ section of the cookie you want to consult. 

The data collected by Google Analytics cookies may be subject to international data transfer as they are processed by Google. As described in its Privacy Shield certificationit complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworksincluding Google, including Google LLC, and U.S. subsidiaries that are wholly owned by Google have certified adherence to the principles of the Privacy Shield 

9. Updating our cookie policy 

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its validity, so it can be modifiedWe recommend that you visit the page regularly as we will inform you of any updates. 

Date: 28/01/20 

Version: V.1.0