Medicinal secrets of Anaga

This time we teamed up with Senda Ecoway to bring you a unique path in Anaga Biosphere Reserve!

Anaga is considered to be Tenerife’s best kept secret, as it is home to forests dating back thousands of years, and is now considered a Rural Park and Biosphere Reserve. Moreover, this designation is due not only to its wealth of endemic flora and fauna, but also to the traditions that have survived in its remote villages to the present day.

Among these traditions, the medicinal uses that the inhabitants have made of plants cannot be unnoticed. Long before the conquest of the Canary Islands, the aborigines used natural remedies to cure certain illnesses or wounds; later, the first conquerors copied many of these practices and devised new ones.

In this activity, we will make a small circular tour of 2 hours inside the Laurisilva Forest to learn about the history of the place and its plants. A tour inside the Laurisilva forest, accompanied by our guide and an expert nutritionist, will reveal the medicinal secrets of the area’s endemic plants. It will take place in Cruz del Carmen, one of the places with the greatest endemic biodiversity in Europe.

Once the route is over, we will enjoy a km zero breakfast where we will be able to continue chatting with our nutritionist.

Nutrition Specialist

Guillermina Morales Brito.
Specialist in dietetics and nutrition (1996-1999).
“Food has always been a field of interest for me since I was very young… on the one hand because of the culture that existed at home of curing small ailments with infusions and since I was allowed to investigate in the kitchen… Over time I understood that a large part of a person’s health lies in their diet and that many illnesses are caused by a bad diet that sometimes, due to habit or ignorance or both, are embedded in their daily lives”.

Guillermina has worked in the Valle Tabares Centre for minors under judicial measures, as a monitor so that she could learn the importance of nutrition as a means to have a healthy body and mind against the effect of drugs.
She has participated in the official closing of a project on ecological agriculture in Buenavista del Norte, along with a talk on the importance of nutrition for health.

He is a specialist in food technology, nutritional coaching and nutrition for athletes.

Details of the journey

Schedule: Sunday, October 10. From 9:30 am to 11:30 am route, from 11:30 am breakfast + talk.

Languages: Spanish

Number of persons: up to 15 persons respecting the current regulations in COVID 19 measures for tourist guide activities.

Duration: 2h of route + breakfast and talk

Ideal for: singles, couples, families, groups, etc.

Price: 14 € without breakfast, 20 € with breakfast and talk

Location: Cruz del Carmen Visitor Centre

What does it include?

  • Official Guide of the Government of the Canary Islands
  • Nutrition expert
  • Guided route through Anaga
  • Nutritional talk + Breakfast (optional)


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