Having good oral health is a security to avoid complications in the rest of the body. Odontology is the specialty responsible of treating and preventing problems that may affect the mandibular structure.

In addition, the dentist works closely with other specialists such as otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and neurologists, since they treat pathologies that are related to the mouth.


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    Periodontal disease, gum disease

    Periodontics is a specialty within odontology that tries to diagnose, prevent and treat those problems that appear in the gums or tissues that support the tooth, such as gingivitis, bacterial plaque, tartar or periodontitis.

    Gingivitis and periodontitis

    We speak of gingivitis when there is an inflammation in the gum due to an accumulation of bacteria. The treatment consists in eliminating these bacteria to prevent them from developing to periodontitis, which is characterized by a loss of bone due to the bacteria.

    Usually, this inflammation is caused by bacterial plaque, stones, smoking, etc.

    The periodontist should remove the plaque and the stone to solve periodontitis. In some cases, surgery will be necessary to correct the defects caused by the disease in the gum and bone.

    The best way to avoid both gingivitis and periodontitis is keeping a good oral hygiene, in addition to performing professional cleanings annually.

    The types of orthodontics to correct dental malposition

    Using certain devices, it is possible to reposition the teeth correctly. There are different types of orthodontics:

    • The classical brackets
    • Tip-Edge brackets used in crowded teeth, canines retained on the palate, teeth without space.
    • Damon brackets, which accelerates the treatment because they do not have friction to the arch that will replace the teeth.
    • Invisible orthodontics is the most aesthetic option. They are transparent splints that are changed every two weeks.
    • Lingual or incognito orthodontics, that are brackets that are made in a personalized way for each patient and are placed on the lingual part of the teeth.

    Why you should get dental treatments in the Canary Islands?

    In Tenerife we ​​have a dental clinic specialized in all specialties of odontology, with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the complete diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

    We offer all the treatments and the most advanced techniques to solve the oral problems of patients. All treatments, materials and methods are chosen in a 100% personalized way for each patient. To this we should add, that our partner centre has the integral quality certificate by Lloyd.

    Tratamientos de odontología en THIS


    Gum diseases and precision periodontal surgeries with a surgical microscope


    Implant placement and fixed prosthesis in three hours, with a computer-guided surgery system

    Conservative dentistry

    Diagnosis of caries with laser technology and fillings with LED technology

    Aesthetic dentistry

    Use of CAD-CAM (Computer aided design and manufacturing) methods to make the pure porcelain or zirconium prosthesis in one hour


    Rotating systems and surgical microscope for greater precision and shorter treatment time


    Low-friction bracket systems with shorter treatments and invisible orthodontics (Invisaling and Incognito systems)

    Digital radiology

    Specific Scanner for dentistry and Implantology


    In the own consultation, for repairing prosthesis the same day


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