Surgical treatment to correct dry eye syndrome in Tenerife

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Dry eye causes itching, tearing, dryness and red eyes, which prevents routine activities from continuing normally. It currently affects 3 out of 10 people and has no cure.

However, at Miranza Clínica Muiños they have the most advanced technology, such as thermal pulsation technology, LipiFlow, to relieve their symptoms. In just 12 minutes and with drops anaesthesia improves the quality of your tear.

LipiFlow treatment

The thermal pulsation treatment, LipiFlow, is applied in patients with dysfunction of the Meibomian glands, which is one of the causes of the development of Dry Eye.

The device is made up of a monitor and a piece that is placed over the eye to protect the cornea. It also helps maintain the temperature and pressure applied by the device.

Once this step is done, heat and pressure are applied to the eyelids to improve drainage of the Meibomian gland. The goal is to drain the gland to free it from blockages and improve fluid secretion. This improves tear quality and reduces dry eye symptoms.

  • Ophthalmologic consultation
  • Preoperative tests (Meibography)
  • Surgical intervention
  • Post review