Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Nowadays there is more and more people wanting to improve their image, so they visit medical-aesthetic centres to obtain the desired aspect. The objective is to make the patient feel better. In addition, in many cases plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are used to improve health problems or correct the consequences that certain pathologies have left.


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    How is plastic surgery different from aesthetic medicine?

    Unlike plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine improves the image of the patient through certain treatments that do not involve surgery.

    On the other hand, plastic surgery can be differentiated between reconstructive surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery.

    • Reconstructive surgery is extremely effective in patients who want to correct functional defects of their body or to repair the damages caused by a disease (for instance cancer), accident or injury. This is known as reconstructive or restorative surgery.
    • Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed on patients who want to improve their face and body image to look better

    Rise of the demand for plastic surgery and aesthetic in men

    Although 70% of patients are still women, there is an increasing demand from men.

    While women demand bust improvements, men request interventions and treatments to improve the face area (upper and lower eyelids, rhinoplasty, correction of ears). They also request body liposculptures.

    Breast surgery to increase or reduce its size

    Women who request breast surgery look for a beautiful and natural decolletage. Some of the most frequent reasons for getting this type of intervention are: having the breasts too small or too large, which causes, in the second case, health problems.

    It is common for patients with uneven or empty breasts after breastfeeding, wanting to look good again.

    Video: Eliminate localized fat, one of the most demanded treatments

    One of the most requested treatments in medical-aesthetic centres are those that eliminate localized fat without surgery. The treatments, like the CoolSculpting, allow to eliminate the fat that neither the diets nor the exercise have been able to remove. This is achieved without surgery, without needles and without home rest.

    To realize this, a non-invasive technique is used based on cooling the fat cells to destroy them without affecting the surrounding tissues.

    Advantages of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in the Canary Islands

    In This our patients will benefit from:

    • The most advanced methods, therapies and treatments on the market of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
    • They will obtain the best aesthetic, surgical or both medical solutions to achieve the expected result
    • The results are long lasting
    • Our partner centre has the ISO 9001 quality certificate
    • This’ platform advises and accompanies patients through the process, both in origin and on the island of Tenerife

    Treatments of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in This

    Facial surgery

    • Facelifting, liposuction of the neck, surgery of the nose, ears, eyelids, cheekbones and chin.

    Breast surgery

    • Mammoplasty of augmentation and reduction, elevation and Gynecomastia (breasts in men).

    Body Surgery

    • Abdominoplasty, Liposuction and Lifting of legs and arms, male genital cosmetic surgery.

    Facial aesthetic medicine

    • Facial mesotherapy (with vitamins and platelet-rich plasma), BOTOX, peeling, pigmentation removal, wrinkle removal, Photodynamic therapy, carboxytherapy, facial rejuvenation with laser co2 and diode, acne treatment, alopecia, QUANTUM CACI, LPG.

    Body Aesthetic Medicine

    • Mesotherapy, radio frequency, soprano laser depilation, stretchmarks treatment, cellulite, Endermologie with LPG.

    Fat removal without surgery



      I would like to receive information about the news and promotions of THIS - Tenerife Health International Services


      He completed his training at the prestigious Severe Burned Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville and Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, at the Yagüe General Hospital in Burgos (upper extremity re-implantation surgery), at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London (eyelids surgery), at the Hospital XII de Octubre in Madrid (craniofacial surgery), and at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona (Aesthetic surgery), among others.

      He has made numerous internships internationally at the best hospitals of his specialty, highlighting those at Akademikliniken of Dr. Per Heden of Stockholm and Ethianum Klinik of Heidelberg. Dr. Antonio García is currently Head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Hospital Quirón Tenerife.

      He is a member of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and of the AECEP (Spanish Association of plastic aesthetic surgery). He directs the “Centro Estética Salud”, specialized centre in beauty treatments, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery consultations that has an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

      Dr. Antonio García

      Dr. Antonio García Hernández has a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of La Laguna, a PhD from the same University and he was trained as a plastic surgeon at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands.

      Dr. Antonio García

      Plastic surgeon and director of the Aesthetic Health Center