Treatment to treating SUI and vulva-vaginal laxity.

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Urinary incontinence is a condition of involuntary leakage of urine from the urethra considered as a hygienic and / or social problem and statistical data shows that the most affected part of the population is women. This problem affects at least 35% of women worldwide.

Urinary incontinence is often related to vulva-vaginal laxity, which includes laxity of both the vaginal introitus and the labia majora. In turn, this condition is more commonly related to sexual dissatisfaction due to limited friction, a feeling of slackness, and orgasmic dysfunction; And, all this leads to less sexual gratification during sexual intercourse. Both conditions lead to a decrease in quality of life including:

  • Social isolation
  • decreased self-confidence
  • less sexual satisfaction during sex

What benefits does this treatment offer?

Ginefem radiofrequency (RF) treatment is one of the most innovative approaches to treating SUI and vulva-vaginal laxity. Furthermore, it has gained significant popularity in recent years due to being:

  • non-invasive
  • absence of adverse events,
  • obtaining fast results.

How does radiofrequency treatment work?

The mechanism of action is based on raising the temperature of the treated tissue to initiate biological changes. The heat generated by RF stimulates the collagen tissue matrix, elastin and ground substances.

This offers immediate results in the helical structure of collagen, and, in addition, neocogenesis and neoelastogenesis are activated due to microinflammatory stimulation of the fibrous.

If a consultation with the gynecologist is necessary, an additional 100 euros should be added to the final price.

If a cytology is necessary, 30 euros should be added to the final price.