Includes telephone consultation for medical prescription of the test.

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Eurofins Megalab Canarias offers the possibility of getting both the highly reliable PCR test in order to detect the infection with the Covid-19 virus and serological test to detect the IgG and IgM antibodies to Covid-19 to detect whether a patient has or has not been infected before.

Includes telephone consultation for medical prescription of the test. Before testing you will be able to download the medical prescription in a pdf format which you will have to fill in with your personal details and present at the center where you will be taking the test.


  • Includes telephone consultation for medical prescription of the test.
  • PCR test, carried out by microbiology specialists.
  • serological test to detect the IgG and IgM antibodies to Covid-19.

PCR Test

What is a PCR test?

Infection with the virus causing COVID-19 can be confirmed or ruled out by the presence or absence of viral RNA in a patient detected by molecular testingPCR (Polymerase chain reaction).

The first step is to extract and purify the RNA from the obtained sample. During the standard PCR, the RT-PCR, we convert RNA into DNA, amplify the genetic code of the virus and identify it.

Through this test we will obtain the following results:

  • Positive, if during the test the viral ARN is detected. This would be the evidence of the presence of Covid-19 in a patient.
  • Negative, if during the test the viral ARN is not detected. This would be the evidence that a patient is not infected.

High level of sensitivity of the PCR tests

The PCR tests are very specific and highly sensitive, meaning that it is possible to detect the presence of even very small quantities of viral genetic material.

What is RNA?

The Coronaviruses are viruses that use RNA as genetic material. One of the characteristics of the viral RNA is that it generally presents very high rate of mutations.

With the RT-PCR technique we can detect genetic material of the virus in a human body.

The extraction of the sample

A nasopharyngeal sample is collected:

  • a patient’s head is positioned at a 45º incline;
  • a swab is introduced into a patient’s nose to collect mucus sample;
  • once introduced into the nasal cavity, the swab is rotated several times and then extracted;
  • the swab is then placed in a sterile container with the patient’s information and is taken for testing.


Serological Test for IgG and Covid-19 Antibodies

Before getting the test

  • a patient is required to wear a mask when getting the test in our laboratory.

What is the serological test for?

The Covid-19 serological test allows us to recognize whether a patient may have recovered from the Covid-19 virus or if the virus may still be active, but only when a certain time period has passed since the moment of possible exposure to the virus.

When do the antibodies to Covid-19 appear?

After the infection our body generates type Igm antibodies. According to different studies they appear between day 5 and 7 after the infection, however the test detects them better on days 8 to 14. Subsequently, between days 15 to 21 the IgG antibodies appear.

Test results

  • IgM and IgG negative: the patient does not have the virus, however a PCR test would be recommended in case it may be too early for the antibodies to appear.
  • IgM negative and IgG positive: the patient has already recovered from the virus.
  • Igm and IgG positive: active phase of the infection.
  • IgM positive and IgG negative: an early state of the infection and it is recommended to take a PCR test to confirm the infection.

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