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Biostimulation is one of the newest treatments to get a healthy hair, fight against alopecia and avoid an important health loss.

Just in August, This’ patients can profit a 10% discount over the regular price in Biostimulation Therapies at Bonome’s Clinic in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ask for an appointment and show again a strong and healthy hair.

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Biostimulation Therapy

These are the Biostimulation Therapies offered to the patients at our associated center, Bonome’s Clinic:

 -Platelets Rich Plasma (from the patient)

 -Vitamins and minerals complexes

- Carboxytherapy for hair loss

- Rigenera®

- Low-level laser therapy


What is Capillary Biostimulation?

Capillary Biostimulation makes reference to those treatments or techniques that are used to bring active principles and nutrients that are essential for the scalp to maintain or improve hair health. That allows hair to grow strong and healthy.

The elected treatment to apply to each patient will be completely personalized and will depend on the diagnosis and grade of hair loss.


How does it work?

This technique is to apply intradermal growing factors, active proteins produced by every body cell that are found in a bigger proportion in platelets, or specific nutrients that activate hair roots, improving hair quality and stopping the hair loss. Blood vessels are stimulated, so the irrigation of the hair follicle, where the hair grows.

Besides, those techniques will allow us to stimulate collagen production to avoid aging cells and prevent hair loss.


Suitable patients for biostimulation treatments

Recomended for patients with:

- Excessive hair loss

- Lack of volume or density

- Alopecia areata or androgenetic alopecia

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