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15% discount on consultations, treatments and ophthalmologic surgeries

15% discount on consultations, treatments and ophthalmologic surgeries

Solar overexposure during the summer months, swimming pool, beach and dust can affect the health of our eyes.

Therefore, this September at ‘This’ we offer a 15% discount to our patients in all consultations, treatments and ophthalmological surgeries that are carried out at Miranza Clínica Muiños to return to routine with good visual health. Make your appointment now!


Take advantage of the promotion!

Take advantage of the promotion!

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Ophthalmological review before returning to school

During the summer children spend a lot of time on the beach or in the pool, make changes in their diet and are more exposed to external factors such as solar radiation. The combination of all these factors negatively affects children’s eyesight, so it is essential to have a check up after the summer.

In addition, childhood is a key stage in psychomotor development, in which vision plays an important role. Children may have graduation defects and have not shown symptoms during the summer, however when returning to school they may begin to notice headache and lack of concentration.

Detecting these refractive errors as soon as possible is essential to control it and for the child to start using glasses.

The best time for the annual periodic review

These dates are the perfect time to perform the annual periodic review. As the years go by, the risk of developing visual pathologies increases and in many cases they do not show symptoms until they are in advanced stages.

However, some of them, such as cataracts, can cause blindness if they are not diagnosed and intervened on time. This makes it vital to perform ophthalmological examinations periodically.

Diagnosis of dry eye

The discomfort of ocular dryness requires an ophthalmological diagnosis and is increasingly common in Spain. In fact it is estimated that affects one in 10 Spaniards over 40 years.

Although the reason for its development is still unknown, specialists refer to the current lifestyle as the main reason why its incidence increases. The air conditioning in summer, the heating in winter or the excessive use of mobile screens causes us to blink less frequently than necessary to hydrate the eye and, therefore, it dries.

Refractive surgery after the summer

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are the main refractive errors and require the patient to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to see correctly. Refractive surgery allows to correct the refractive defects so that the patient has a graduation that allows him / her not to have to use glasses again and do his / her routine activities, such as work or sports, with total comfort.

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