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Custom dental implants in Tenerife

Custom dental implants in Tenerife from 1.850 euros

The loss of one or more teeth affects, not only aesthetically, but also in the self-esteem and confidence of those who suffer it. Also, if they are not corrected in time they can cause serious problems in the mouth.

At THIS we offer all our foreign patients a complete treatment of unitary dental implants in Centros de Calidad Dental for only €1.850.

You can also recover all upper or lower teeth with our personalized dental implant pack for only € 4.800. Get your smile back, in Tenerife. Book your appointment here.


Take advantage of the promotion!

Take advantage of the promotion!

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What do these treatments include?

The complete treatment of single dental implants includes:

  • Implant
  • Healing pillar
  • Ceramic crown or ceramic metal

The dental implant pack includes:

  • 4 implants
  • Resin removable prosthesis
  • 4 Locator (clamping links)

In both cases, a prior digitized clinical and radiological examination and allergy tests or reaction to the implant material are performed. Then, the personalized planning of the implants is carried out.

Dental implants replace dental pieces

Implants are the best solution to replace one or several dental pieces permanently. They consist of titanium structures that are fixed to the maxillary bone, acting as the root of the tooth. Dental crowns will be placed on this screw, which can be made of different materials (resin, ceramics …), or dental prostheses.

How are the implants placed?

It is a very simple process in which the patient will not feel any pain, since anesthesia is applied. After a previous examination the dentist will determine the technique and materials to be used.

Each intervention is personalized according to the needs of each patient and the preferences of both the patient and the surgeon.

The benefits of dental implants

  • The jaw retains its anatomy without variations
  • Does not affect other teeth
  • The care of the implants is similar to the rest of teeth
  • The implant is similar to the root of the tooth so the maxillary bone and soft tissues are preserved
  • Returns functionality and chewing ability

Why choose Tenerife to perform your dental implants?

At our clinic they will assist you in your language and have all the necessary technology to perform the latest generation of dental implants with total safety and guarantees. In addition, from the platform we advise and help at all times so that your stay on the island is comfortable and relaxing, especially in the days after treatment.

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